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My name is Nicole and I am the proud owner of Nikki’s Beauty and Fitness Bar. I have been in the beauty business it seems all my life, professionally 20 years. I love everything that will help enhance, one’s ability to look and feel their individual best.  In my opinion, helping to make someone feel great about themselves is really what it is all about. It's one of my passions and something I have always been good at. I can remember in grammar school, I would do my friend's hair and give them styling tips because it was fun. I chose the beauty industry because I’m that person who’s always looking at people and saying  “what if they did this or what if they that” It makes me happy when people feel good about their look. I love the confidence people have when they look and feel their best. I have also become a health nut over the years and even ran several marathons, my take on fitness is to live YOUR best FIT life. I believe you should put good things in your body, eat right, join a fitness group for support. Take a run, walk, get outside, form workout relationship and clear your mind as much as possible.  That is personally what I want for others. As the owner, Nikki’s Beauty and Fitness Bar want even more. I want my business to be a place where you can come get beautiful, buy amazing products and be a part of our fitness community.  I want women to not be scared of change, try that fun lip gloss, hot lipstick, different hairstyle or custom wig, put on that sexy, fun colorful new workout gear. Simply "step out" of the box all while being the best beautiful FIT you possible, whatever level that may be. It’s all  Glossy Bossy Baby !


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